Puertos TCP/UDP Comúnmente Utilizados

1TCPTCPMUX (TCP port service Multiplexer)Official
7TCPECHO protocol Official
7UDPECHO protocol Official
9TCPDISCARD protocol Official
9UDPDISCARD protocolOfficial
13TCPDAYTIME protocol Official
13UDPDAYTIME Protocol Official
17TCPQOTD (Quote of the Day) protocolOfficial
19TCPCHAR GEN (Character Generator) protocolOfficial
19UDPCHAR GEN (Character Generator) protocolOfficial
20TCPFTP (File Transfer Protocol) – data portOfficial
21TCPFTP – control (command) portOfficial
22TCPSSH (Secure Shell) – used for secure logins, file transfers (scp,sftp) and for forwardingOfficial
23TCPTelnet protocol – Unencrypted text communicationsOfficial
25TCPSMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) – used for sending emailsOfficial
37TCPTIME protocol Official
37UDPTIME protocol Official
49UDPTACACS protocolOfficial
53TCPDNS (Domain Name Server)Official
53UDPDNS – most commonly usedOfficial
67UDPBOOTP (BootStrap Protocol) server. Also used by DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) Official
68UDPBOOTP client and DHCPOfficial
69UDPTFTP (Trivial File Transfer Protocol)Official
70TCPGopher protocol Official
79TCPFinger protocol Official
80TCPHTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol)Official
81TCPSmoothwall Web GUI default portUnofficial
88TCPKerberos – Authenticating agentOfficial
109TCPPOP2 (Post Office Protocol version 2) Email retrievalOfficial
110TCPPOP3 (Post Office Protocol version 3) Email retrievalOfficial
113TCPident – Old server identification system, used by IRC to identify usersOfficial
119TCPNNTP (Network News Transfer Protocol) – Used to retrieve newsgroup messagesOfficial
123UDPNTP (Network Time Protocol) – Used for time synchronizationOfficial
143TCPIMAP4 (Internet Message Access Protocol) Used to retrieve emailOfficial
161UDPSNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol)Official
179TCPBGP (Border Gateway Protocol)Official
194TCPIRC (Internet Relay Chat)Official
222TCPSmoothwall SSHUnofficial
389TCPLDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol)Official
443TCPHTTPS – HTTP over SSL (encrypted transmission)Official
445TCPMicrosoft-DS (Active Directory, Windows shares, Sasser Worm, Agobot, Zobot Worm)Official
445UDPMicrosoft-DS SMB file sharingOfficial
465TCPSMTP over SSL – Conflict with registered Cisco protocolUnofficial/Confilict
514UDPsyslog protocol – Used for system loggingOfficial
540TCPUUCP (Unix-to-Unix Copy Protocol)Official
542TCPcommerce (Commerce applications) Official
554TCPRTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol)Official
587TCPemail message submission (SMTP) – RFC 2476Official
591TCPFileMaker 6.0 Web Sharing (HTTP Alternate)Official
636TCPLDAP over SSL (encrypted transmission)Official
666TCPid Software’s Doom Multiplayer game (number of the beast)Official
873TCPrsync – File synchronization protocolOfficial
901TCPSWAT (Samba Web Administration Tool)Unofficial
981TCPSofaWare Technologies Remote HTTPS management for firewall devices running embedded Checkpoint Firewall-1Unofficial
993TCPIMAP4 over SSL (encrypted transmission)Official
995TCPPOP3 over SSL (encrypted transmission)Official
1080TCPSOCKS proxy Official
1099TCPRMI Registry Official
1099UDPRMI RegistryOfficial
1214TCPKazaa default Official
1223TCPTGP (Truly Global Protocol)Official
1337TCPWASTE Encrypted File Sharing ProgramUnofficial/Conflict
1352TCPIBM Lotus Notes/Domino RCPOfficial
1387TCPComputer Aided Design Software Inc LMOfficial
1387UDPComputer Aided Design Software Inc LMOfficial
1414TCPIBM MQSeries Official
1433TCPMicrosoft SQL database systemOfficial
1434TCPMicrosoft SQL MonitorOfficial
1434UDPMicrosoft SQL MonitorOfficial
1494TCPCitrix MetaFrame ICA ClientOfficial
1521TCPOracle database default listener – Conflict with registered use: nCube License ManagerUnofficial/Conflict
1718TCP/UDPH.323 Gate Discovery
1719TCP/UDPH.323 Gate Stat
1720TCP/UDPH.323 Host Call (VoIP)
1723TCPMicrosoft PPTP VPNOfficial
1723UDPMicrosoft PPTP VPNOfficial
1731TCPAudio Call Control
1761TCPNovell Zenworks Remote Control Utility – Conflict with registered use: cft-0Unofficial/Conflict
1863TCPMSN Messenger Official
1900UDPMicrosoft SSDP – Enabled discovery of UPnP devicesOfficial
1984TCPBig Brother – network monitoring toolOfficial
2000TCPCisco SCCP (Skinny)Official
2000UDPCisco SCCP (Skinny)Official
2030Oracle Services for Microsoft Transaction ServerUnofficial
2082TCPCPanel’s default port – Conflict with registered use: Infowave Mobility ServerUnofficial/Conflict
2083TCPCPanel’s default port for SSL connectionUnofficial
2086TCPWebHost Manager’s default port – Conflict with registered use: GNUnetUnofficial/Conflict
2087TCPWebHost Manager’s default port for SSL connectionsUnofficial
2095TCPCPanel’s default port for webmail connectionsUnofficial
2096TCPCPanel’s default port for webmail connections via SSLUnofficial
2181TCPEForward – document transport systemOfficial
2181UDPEForward – document transport systemOfficial
2222TCPDirectAdmin’s default portUnofficial
2427UDPCisco MGCP Official
2447TCPovwdb – OpenView Network Node Manager (NNM) daemonOfficial
2447UDPovwdb – OpenView Network Node Manager (NNM) daemonOfficial
2517TCP/UDPH.323 Annex E call signaling transport
2710TCPXBT Bittorrent TrackerUnofficial
2710UDPXBT Bittorrent Tracker experimental UDP tracker extensionUnofficial
3128TCPHTTP used by web caches and Squid cache default portOfficial
3306TCPMySQL Database SystemOfficial
3389TCPMicrosoft Terminal Server (RDP) officially registered as Windows Based Terminal (WBT)Official
3396TCPNovell NDPS Printer AgentOfficial
3689TCPDAAP Digital Audio Access Protocol used by Apple’s ITunesOfficial
3690TCPSubversion version control systemOfficial
3784TCPVentrilo VoIP programOfficial
3785UDPVentrilo VoIP programOfficial
4662TCPeMule – Port often usedUnofficial
4894TCPLysKOM Protocol AOfficial
4899TCPRAdmin remote administration tool (Often trojan horse)Official
5000TCPUPnP – Windows Network device interoperability; Conflict with registered use: commplex-mainUnofficial/Conflict
5121 Neverwinter Nights and its mods, such as Dungeon Eternal XUnofficial
5190TCPAOL and AOL Instant MessengerOfficial
5222TCPXMPP/Jabber – client connectionOfficial
5223TCPXMPP/Jabber – default port for SSL Client ConnectionUnofficial
5269TCPXMPP/Jabber – server connectionOfficial
5432TCPPostgre SQL database systemOfficial
5517TCPSetiqueue Proxy server client for [email protected] projectUnofficial
5800TCPVNC remote desktop protocol – for use over HTTPUnofficial
5900TCPARD/VNC remote desktop protocol – regular portUnofficial
6000TCPX11 – used for X-windowsOfficial
6112UDPBlizzard’s Battle.net gaming service – Clonflict with registered use: dtspcdUnofficial/Conflict
6346TCPGnutella FilesharingOfficial
6600TCPmpd – default port that mpd listens onUnofficial
6881TCPBitTorrent Unofficial
6891-6900TCP/UDPMSN Messenger (File Transfer)Official
6901TCP/UDPMSN Messenger (Voice)Official
7312UDPSibelius License ServerUnofficial
8000TCPiRDMI (Often unofficially used for internet radio streams)Official
8010TCPXMPP/Jabber file transfersUnofficial
8080TCPHTTP Alternate Official
8118TCPPrivoxy web proxyOfficial
11371 OpenPGP HTTP KeyserverOfficial
11576IPStor Server Management CommunicationOfficial
20720TCPSymantec i3 Web GUI serverUnofficial
22136TCPMXM endpoint administration
27000-27006UDPid Sofware’s QuakeWorld Master serverUnofficial
27010 Half-Life and its modsUnofficial
27015 Half-Life and its modsUnofficial
27374Sub7’s default port. Most script kiddies do not change.Unofficial
27500-27900UDPid Software’s QuakeWorldUnofficial
27960-27969UDPid Software’s Quake III Arena and Quake III derived gamesUnofficial
31337TCPBack Orifice – remote administration tool (often a trojan horse) (“31337” is the leet speak version of “Elite”)Unofficial
49152-65535TCP/UDPDynamic Port Range. No Official Registrations.

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